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I. Mengen & Abbildungen
II. Vektorräume
III. Dimension
IV. Lineare Abbildungen
V. Matrizen
VI. Gauss-Algorithmus
VII. Koordinaten & darstellende Matrizen
VIII. Euklidische & unitäre Vektorräume
IX. Orthogonale & unitäre Abbildungen
X. Determinante
XI. Eigenwerte
XII. Diagonalisierung
XIII. Jordan Normalform
XIV. Lineare Differentialgleichungen
XV. Klausurtraining

Analysis I


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1. Ist eine Abbildung immer injektiv oder bijektiv?

Antwort: Nein. Zum Beispiel f:R->R mit f(x)=x^2 ist weder injektiv noch surjektiv.


2. Können Mengen auch Elemente sein?

Antwort: Ja. Betrachten wir zum Beispiel die Menge M bestehen aus den natürlichen Zahlen und den rationalen Zahlen. Dann ist die Menge der natürlichen Zahlen ein Element von M.

Eingereicht von: meishengchao am 17.09.2015
Select interior flooring, flooring brand quality is the first consideration, followed immediately is formaldehyde, formaldehyde emission wood floor should be less than 0.12 mg / cubic meter as qualified. Indoor general household or office use, the decoration formaldehyde content affect our health.
So choose interior decoration flooring brand would be the first environmentally friendly or not you want to buy must be qualified wood flooring products as a precondition. _a href=" "_pavers pool deck_/a_, the release cycle of formaldehyde up to 15 years, so this process because of the decoration of harmful substances are gathered together, so relatively newly renovated house, the floor of a reliable brand will become a priority. Choose to pay attention to some of the flooring brands, addition is over after renovation needs some time to dry, add some of the absorption Ye Hao good to improve the indoor environment of some plants, and so on.
Indoor flooring brands are many, but as long as comprehensive: _a href=" "_cheapeswst way to make a patio_/a_, the second is the quality and the third is easy to care. Many wood flooring brands, there is some foreign country, the quality is indeed better than the domestic foreign good, the addition of color both feature selection.
Indoor flooring laminate flooring brand, consider if the proposed environmental quality texture selection reassuring solid wood flooring brand, if you select the foreign board, you can get to know the brand in Europe. If the domestic board, try to select those relatively more for the public recognized brands REFERENCES used people's views, I believe that you can choose to fit a good floor!

Eingereicht von: wangkiky am 07.09.2015
_p_ According to the standards, in our country, the floor level E1 (≤1.5mg / L), the sheet reaches E2 level (≤5mg / L) can be referred to qualified sheet. And a higher level of environmental protection E0 grade (≤0.5mg / L) appears only in some specific product standard. In each standard in the detection method _a href="
quot;_application for marine wood_/a_ is not the same as the same type of product, unit values ??are not uniform, not the same level of delineation. Since the standard multiple, standards are not unified, combined with the current implementation of sheet metal and flooring industry enterprise inspection system, which to some bad business concept of marketing hype created space. _/p_

_p_It is understood that, due to cost reasons, flooring and sheet manufacturers use is the largest urea-formaldehyde glue, accounting for 70% -80%, while the use of urea-formaldehyde glue is unstable sheet and flooring products formaldehyde emission factors. Some manufacturers to meet the inspection, just short-term compliance, by means of some special chemical treatment, so that the sheet formaldehyde emission is very low in the short term. However, formaldehyde release cycle sheet of 8--15 years, after a period of time, formaldehyde emission has uncertainty will appear. Sales staff gave us a corner of the store saw the laying of the floor, said:. "You look like in this position, with the naked eye did not see any irregularities, but finished laying, step up there and feeling glitter every day we continue to tread pressure, over time, will certainly cause deformation of the floor, "Reporters curious how she knew so well, the sales staff said: Dekor to be trained by the line before staff posts. _/p_

_p_Training not only for Dekor quality characteristics of understanding, we also need to clear the entire renovation process, the floor and the room-style mix of problems that may occur during installation and solutions. "This gift of quality accessories is very worrying, and some use a year or so there will be quality problems." Mr. Chen said that to his knowledge, flooring materials in the most profitable is insect repellent, cost $ 5 insect repellent, to the floor, _a href="
"_composite floor decking Las Palmas_/a_ where some providers can offer up to 45 yuan. Inferior materials likely to cause pollution When consumers buy the floor, on the quality of the floor, especially on environmental and health indicators are very concerned, for baseboard, buckle and other accessories quality is not too concerned about. Some consumers even think that, anyway, is giving something, do not need too seriously._/p_

Eingereicht von: wangkiky am 11.08.2015
At this stage, the competition has become increasingly fierce flooring industry, flooring industry is also gradually increasing open competition, accompanied by a variety of anti-dumping policy abroad have been hit, competition in the industry will become more intense, major flooring company in order to seek a place of their own development, the need to find their own way out. Small and medium-floor business "pressure Alexander" As the flooring industry competition intensifies, enterprises survive pressure is also growing, small and medium enterprises where the floor will face double oppression at home and abroad as well _a href="
"_composite advanced wood deck_/a_as strong regional brands big line, survival more difficult, many companies are faced with annexation danger, mergers and cooperation into trends. Building Material observed nine positive face of "external", enterprises around the board to emphasize marketing investment efficiency, and establish a unified brand awareness through brand integration, eclectic, the domestic brand bigger, stronger, and ultimately create a own, loud, competitive advantage of the brand.

Enterprises seek a way out through brand integration Brand integration is a series of work in order to maintain and enhance their long-term competitive advantage undertaken to focus on building brand management enterprises "banner brand", the full use of the value and influence the company's existing brand to brand expansion ʱ?? Brand integration is laying the foundation for the bigger and stronger brands, on the one hand can provide a cost savings of a huge space, its implementation of brand internationalization strategy provides adequate funding. Future competition in the flooring industry will gradually evolve into oligopolistic competition, the survival of small and medium enterprises will also be getting smaller and smaller. In the foreign brands inroads into China's situation, with multiple brands and for the relatively weaker Chinese flooring industry, to promote the advantages of mergers and acquisitions industry enterprises, consolidation, centralized resources to strengthen cooperation for SMEs is a priority. [Sohu focus home: We know, in fact, the impact of electronic commerce on the traditional channels is quite big, before we focus Sohu household survey showed superiority in the field of the store's floor is far greater than the electronic business platform.

Future, this development will not change? [Liu Shuo true]: the electricity supplier is very concerned about family life, we think of it as a means of communication with the media 90. We more or engage in experiential marketing, both floors, doors, wardrobes, all need to communicate between people,_a href="
uot;_composite decking snap grid soil_/a_ whether it is design, installation, or follow-up services, electricity suppliers are not able to do. [Sohu focus home: for family life within the next five years development plan, you have a kind of blueprint? [Liu Shuo true]: life at home must be the future of the whole industry's leading brands of home, this is our work to be done. Moreover, in addition to domestic well, we hope international number, reflecting the overall home transnational thinking and ideas.

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